Come Dine Out with us on Tuesday, May 13th!

The Berkeley Public School Cooking and Gardening Program has been offering prekindergarten to high school students a gardening and cooking education for over twelve years. The unique district-wide program encourages students to explore the value of eating fresh fruits and vegetables, getting physical activity, and knowing where their food comes from. These exploratory lessons that focus on whole child education have become an integral part of a Berkeley student’s academic life and are now at a crossroads. After being funded annually with a $1.9 million federal grant for health and nutrition programs, the program is currently operating on a lifeline with a piecemeal budget.

As we troubleshoot through these transition years, we are exploring deeper partnerships with the community, facilitating a multitude of learning experiences, and connecting students from all walks of life within our public school cooking and gardening learning laboratories. We are inviting the Berkeley community, and beyond, to learn more about our program, it’s student connection, and community relationships.

On Tuesday, May 13th, the Berkeley Public School Cooking and Gardening Program is partnering with local restaurants and eateries for an evening of wining and dining in support of connecting student learning with real world experiences around food, while exploring topics of health, wellness, and personal and community growth. With generous support from the Berkeley community, we hope to garner the financial support that we need for next year.

We hope that you will join us for a meal  at participating restaurants and eateries. If you and your restaurant, café, or eatery would like to participate in the 2nd Annual Berkeley Dine Out , please contact Mia Villanueva at or Jezra Thompson at We also heartily welcome donations in support of this program.