The Secret of Success

The succret of success in college is improving your academic writing skills. Alternativley, you can always find the place like Essaylab and live without troubles.

The Best FlashCards

Stack #2676567

QuestionAnswer 1. Archaeologists Experts who study artifacts to learn about different cultures 2. Replica A copy or duplicate work of art 3. Lustrous Shining or gleaming 4. Elaborate Worked out[…]

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Halloween Halloween words

TermDefinition October the tenth month of the year monster a strange or scary imaginary creature costume a type of clothing one plays dress up in skeleton the bones in a[…]

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TermDefinition -lithotomy incision for removal of a stone -thorax chest, pleural cavity hypo- deficient, below, under, decreased ad- toward chondr/o cartilage caud/o tail bronch/o, bronchi/o bronchus bronchiol/o bronchiole phren/o diaphragm[…]

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