Unit 4 Vocabulary

Term Definition
Administration A team of executive branch officials appointed by each President
ambassador Highest ranking US representative in foreign governments
biennial A legislative session held every 2 years
budget A plan for raising and spending money
bureaucracy An organization of government departments, agencies, and offices
Cabinet An important group of policy advisers to the President
checks and balances A system in which each branch of government is able to limit the power of the other two branches
commission A group of people, or planning board, appointed to a certain job by local government
commute To change someone's penalty to a less severe one
diplomacy The relations and communication carried out between countries
Electoral College A body of people representing the states of the US, who formally cast votes for the election of the president
electors People who promise to cast votes for the candidates selected by the voters
Embassy An official residence office and safe zone for an ambassador in a foreign country
executive agencies Agencies that are a part of the government that provides service for people
executive departments The primary units of the executive branch
federalism The division of powers between the states and the federal government
government The governing body of a nation
impeach TO charge someone with doing something wrong
order of succession A line of succession in order in which a person may serve or act as the President if something happens to the President
pardon A government decision to allow a person who has convicted of a crime to be free and for their punishment to be eliminated
regulatory commission Agencies that are meant to enforce regulations free of political influence
reprieve Cancel or postpone the punishment of someone
State of the Union The president's plan for Congress for the upcoming war
separation of powers The division of basic government roles into three branches
veto When a president or governor rejects a bil

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