Question Answer
collaborate work together
essential important
agile able to move quickly and easily
barren empty
brackish somewhat salty, dirty water
cumbersome hard to handle due to weight/size
cordial friendly
dismal gloomy; causing unhappiness
forlorn sad and lonely
morose extremely sad
lucid clear
loom something is going to happen
whittle to carve with a knife
relic antique
dawdle to move or act to slowly
flabbergasted to surprise/shock someone
meaner winding path
implore serious request
meticulous accurate/carful
murky cloudy and dark
myriad a large number
opaque not letting any light through
portly somewhat fat body
skirt to avoid something
wary not having complete trust in

multiplication facts

Question Answer
1 x 1 1
1 x 2 2
1 x 3 3
1 x 4 4
1 x 5 5
1 x 6 6
1 x 7 7
1 x 8 8
1 x 9 9
1 x 10 10
1 x 11 11
1 x 12 12
2 x 1 2
2 x 2 4
2 x 3 6
2 x 4 8
2 x 5 10
2 x 6 12
2 x 7 14
2 x 8 16
2 x 9 18
2 x 10 20
2 x 11 22
2 x 12 24
3 x 1 3
3 x 2 6
3 x 3 9
3 x 4 12
3 x 5 15
3 x 6 18
3 x 7 21
3 x 8 24
3 x 9 27
3 x 10 30
3 x 11 33
3 x 12 36
4 x 1 4
4 x 2 8
4 x 3 12
4 x 4 16
4 x 5 20
4 x 6 24
4 x 7 28
4 x 8 32
4 x 9 36
4 x 10 40
4 x 11 44
4 x 12 48
5 x 1 5
5 x 2 10
5 x 3 15
5 x 4 20
5 x 5 25
5 x 6 30
5 x 7 35
5 x 8 40
5 x 9 45
5 x 10 50
5 x 11 55
5 x 12 60
6 x 1 6
6 x 2 12
6 x 3 18
6 x 4 24
6 x 5 30
6 x 6 36
6 x 7 42
6 x 8 48
6 x 9 54
6 x 10 60
6 x 11 66
6 x 12 72
7 x 1 7
7 x 2 14
7 x 3 21
7 x 4 28
7 x 5 35
7 x 6 42
7 x 7 49
7 x 8 56
7 x 9 63
7 x 10 70
7 x 11 77
7 x 12 84
8 x 1 8
8 x 2 16
8 x 3 24
8 x 4 32
8 x 5 40
8 x 6 48
8 x 7 56
8 x 8 64
8 x 9 72
8 x 10 80
8 x 11 88
8 x 12 96
9 x 1 9
9 x 2 18
9 x 3 27
9 x 4 36
9 x 5 45
9 x 6 54
9 x 7 63
9 x 8 72
9 x 9 81
9 x 10 90
9 x 11 99
9 x 12 108
10 x 1 10
10 x 2 20
10 x 3 30
10 x 4 40
10 x 5 50
10 x 6 60
10 x 7 70
10 x 8 80
10 x 9 90
10 x 10 100
10 x 11 110
10 x 12 120
11 x 1 11
11 X 2 22
11 X 3 33
11 X 4 44
11 X 5 55
11 X 6 66
11 X 7 77
11 X 8 88
11 X 9 99
11 X 10 110
11 X 11 121
11 X 12 132
12 X 1 12
12 X 2 24
12 X 3 36
12 X 4 48
12 X 5 60
12 X 6 72
12 X 7 84
12 X 8 96
12 X 9 108
12 X 10 120
12 X 11 132
12 X 12 144

6th Honors 2nd 9 weeks 8th week

Term Definition
Insubordinate not submitting to authority; disobedient
Simultaneous existing, occurring, or operating at the same time; concurrent
Pervade to become spread throughout all parts of
Capsize to turn bottom up; overturn
Flourish to decorate or embellish; to be successful; prosper
Bystander a person present but not involved; chance spectator; onlooker.
Affect to act on; produce an effect or change in: to impress the mind or move the feelings of
Effect something that is produced by an agency or cause; result; consequence:
Revise to amend or alter: to alter something already written or printed, in order to make corrections, improve, or update
Reliability the ability to be relied on or depended on, as for accuracy, honesty, or achievement.

Southeast states

Question Answer
Whats the capital of Arkansas Little rock
Whats the capital of Louisiana Baton Rouge
Whats the capital of Mississippi Jackson
Whats the capital of Alabama Montgomery
Whats the capital of Georgia Atlanta
Whats the capital of Florida Tallahassee
Whats the capital of North Carolina Raleigh
Whats the capital of South Carolina Columbia
Whats the capital of Tennessee Nashville
Whats the capital of Kentucky Frankfort
Whats the capital of Virginia Richmond
Whats the capital of West Virginia Charleston

words of the week

Term Definition
claim your opinion stated as a fact
argument reasons and facts to support your claim
describe to tell in written or spoken words
support to hold up;give assistance to
determine to settle or decide
conclude to end
suggest put forward for concideration
reveal make known
examine to inspect in detail; to determine the nature of something
convey make an idea known, to communicate a message
imply to suggest without being directly stated;to indicate or mean
relate how things are connected
explain to describe in more detail,to make clear
interpret explain the meaning of
influence the ability to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something
outcome the way something turns out, end result

Unit 4 vocab

Term Definition
Presidential Succession The order in which the office of the president is to be filled.
Foreign Policy The governments plan for interacting with other countries in the world.
Diplomacy The art of interacting with foreign governments.
Treaties Written agreements with other countries.
Reprieve Postpones the carrying out of someones sentence.
Pardon A declaration of forgiveness and freedom from a punishment.
State of the Union Address Televised speech by the president that tells the programs and policies the president supports.
Commutatation Making a convicted persons sentence less severe.
Budget A plan for managing and spending money.
Executive Departments Play a direct role in governing the country. The president gives them power to make and enforce regulations.
Attorney General Head of the department of justice.
Embassy Residence and office of the ambassador.
Joint Chiefs of Staff The highest ranking military officials from the Army, Navy, and Air Force.
Independent Agencies Agencies that have specialized duties to assist the president.
Regulatory Commissions A group of people officially in charge of regulating something.
Bureaucracy Government or organization with many different departments and complex rules and procedures.
Federalism A system of government in which the power to govern is shared between national and state governments.
Separation of Powers

Macroeconomics part gdp limitations and items exluded , aggergate demands unenployment, cpi and infl

Question Answer
items excluded from the gdp : .intermediate products.second sales .non-market transactions.underground economy .financial transactions
intermidiate products goods used to make other goods
second sales or things that are sold such as things goodwill allready bought and sold again
non-market transactions includes economic activites that do not generate expidentures or the things you fix or do yourself
underground economy includes good: taxes and flea markets bad:black markey
gpd limitations the composition of out put of whats being made and the quality of life
aggregate demands definition gpd is essentialy the total amount of goods and services that consumers , buisnesses goverments and people in other countries purchase every year is basically the real gdp
what are the derterminites of the aggregate demand curvesincrease the curve moves to the decrease ? c, i,g Xn —–><——-
you are unemployed if you fall under what three things they are 16 years of age or youngerdidnt have any job at survey week atemted a job once in four weeks and you availible for work
the types of unenployment frictional structural caused by shortage of demand seasonal cyclical
unenployment rate = #of unenployed —————— X 100labor force
what are the 4 types of inflation inflationdeflation hyperinflationcreeping inflation
inflation general rise in p over time
deflation general fall in p over time
hyperinflation _____ with an exes of_____% inflation , 500%
cost push inflaion is the explination that rising input costs , exspecialy energy and orginize d labor , drives up the p of products
demand push inflation is the explination that p rise because of sectors of the economy to try and by more goods and services that the economy can produce
market basket is the selectionand how many total items does it include part of cpi of goods and services that are COMMONLY purchased by consumers ( 364 items total)
base year part of cpi the year that is the basis of comparison
cpi is the … and it measures consumer price index its used to measure price changes of the market basket from one year to the next
cpi= basket price of this period (what your looking for)———————————————————– X100base period
unanticipated inlflation can be a ____ or _____thing for different types of people good and bad thing
unanticipated inflation affects types of people ( 4) .lenders .borrowers .savers .workers
the leders goal is to loan funds at a rate of interest that is HIGHER than inflation
the borrowers goal is to borrow funds at THE LOWEST POSIBLE INTEREST RATE
the savers goal is to save funds at a rate of interest that is HIGHER than inflation
the workers goal is to earn wages that INCREASE at a rate that is HIGHER that the inflation rate
m= imports
x= exports
when m goes up XN goes ? gdp? goes down and so does gdp
with all the other factors of gdp if it goes up gdp wil go uo
inflation rate = cpi of this period-cpi of previous period ____________________________________________ X 100cpi of previous period
people who are hurt by inflation people with fixed incomes and are lending money , savers , and people with fixed incomes
people who are helped by inflation debtors or people who borrow money a buisness where the price of the product increases faster than the price of recources

Earth Science Meteorolgy

Question Answer
People who study weather are called ______. meteorologists
The mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth is called the ______. atmosphere
High-pressure belts of air that flow very rapidly from west to east at altitudes above 12 km are called _____. jet streams
The amount of moisture that the air holds compared to the amount it can hold at that temperature is expressed as a percent called ______. relative humidity
The sprinkling of substances into clouds to produce precipitation is called ______. cloud seeding
The ozone layer protects the Earth by absorbing ultraviolet rays
The Greenhouse Effect is due largely to carbon dioxide
A barometer is used to measure air pressure
In the northern hemisphere, the coriolis effect causes winds to curve to the right
Winds in the far north that appear to travel from east to west are called polar easterlies
Van Allen belts are made up of ______. protons and electrons
The Aurora Borealis occurs because of charged particles trapped in the ______. ionosphere
The solar wind is made up of ________. ions
The area around the earth that extends beyond the atmosphere is _______. magnetosphere
The protective layer of the atmosphere that absorbs most of the harmful ultra-violet radiation from the sun is made of ozone
Artificial satellites orbit the Earth in the ______. exosphere
The layer in which radio waves are bounced back to the earth is the ionosphere

POW Quiz

Question Answer
what is a water molecule made up of? H20; one oxygen and two hydrogen
Is water polar? yes; oxygen acts as negative hydrogen acts as positive.
Is water neutral? yes; equal amount of e- and p+—- Zero Net charge
what is a polar molecule A compound with one negativily charged side and one positivly charged side.
What exisits between water molecules? hydrogen bonds; formed between highly electronegative atom of a polar molecule and a hydrogen.
One hydrogen bond is ____ but many of them are ____ weak,strong
How is a hydrogen bond formed? Negative oxygen end of one molecule is attracted to the positive hydrogen end of the oxygen molecule.
At sea level, when does pure water boil and freeze? boil- 100 degrees celciusfreeze- 0 degrees celcius
The boiling temprature of water ____ at higher elevations decreases, lower atmospheric pressure
Will an egg take shorter or longer to boil at higher alttitudes? longer
What is cohesion? water molecules stick to eachother
What does cohesion result in? surface tension.
What is surface tension? strength of waters surface
What does surface tension allow? produces a surface film on water that allows insects to walk on the surface of water.
what is adhesion? attraction between two different substances. (water molecules stick to other materials)
water makes ______ _____ with other surfaces such as glass. soil, plant tissues, and cotton. hydrogen bonds.
what is capillary action? the ability of water to move upward, against gravity, through small openings.
whats an example of capillary action? Move through the roots of plants and through the tiny blood vessels in our bodies) also…process in which plants and trees remove water from soil, and paper towels to soak up water.
____ causes capillary action ADEHESION, polarity, and cohesion
amount of heat needed to raise or lower 1g of a substance 1 degrees celcius. high specific heat.
water _____ temprature change both for heating and cooling. resists
specific heat index water can absorb lots of heat before it begins to get hot.
water can absorb or realease ___ amounts of heat energy with ___ change in actual tempreture. large,little
amount of energy to convert 1g or a substance from liquid to gas. high heat of vaporizization
In order to evaporate what must be broken? hydrogen bonds.
As water evaporates it moves a lot of ____ with it. heat
what forms a global blanket to keep the earth warm? water vapor
ice is ____ dense as a ____ then as a ____ solid, liquid.
liquid water has hydrogen bonds that are constantly being ___ and ____. broken, reformed.
frozen water forms a _____ ____ ____ whereby molecules are set at fixed distances. crystal like latice.
what process is water important to? homeostasis
why is water important to homeostasis? makes a good insulator, resists temprature change, universal solvent, coolent, temprature extremes (frozen lakes)
what is a universal solvent? A universal solvent is a substance that dissolves most chemicals. Water is called the universal solvent because it dissolves more substances than any other solvent.
What are the two types of mixtures? solutions and suspensions
solutions and suspensions are two types of _______ that both contain ______. universal solvent, water
solute substance being dissolved
solvent substance in which the solute dissolves
suspension solutions that dont dissolve but seperate into tiny peices
_____ keeps the peices _____ so that they dont settle out. water, suspended
What is this equation: H20–>H+ + OH dissociation (seperation)
H20 hydrogen ion acid
H+ + OH hydrogen ion base
ph of 7 is… neutral
ph of 0 up to 7 is.. acid
ph above 7-14 is…. basic
What acids have a ph of 1-3 strong acids
what does the ph scale range from? 0-14
each pH unit represents a factor of ___X change in concentration. 10X (ph of 3 is 1000 times stronger than a pH of 6)
Acids produce a lot of _____ ions, while bases contain a lot of _____ ions. H+, OH
What bases have a pH of 11-14 strong bases
____ is a measure of the hydorgen ion concentration of a solution. pH
weak acids or bases that react with strong acids or bases to help prevent sharp, sudden changes in pH buffers
buffers are produced ____ by the body to maintain _____ naturally, homeostasis.
what process in plants is due to capillary action? transportation
what does a ph of 7 mean neither acidic or basic (pure water)

Lesson 10

Question Answer
Resemble to have similarity or likeness to be like
Detecting To discover or determine the existence
Keen Acute sensitive
Vary To be different or diverse
Unobserved Not seen or noticed
Mature To grow older
Particular Separate and different from others of the same group or category
Available capable of being obtained
Ferocios Extremely Savage : fierce
Contentment The condition of being content satisfaction